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Pepper’s Boogaloo – The (St. Thomas) Pepper Smelter

Grupo de Rock Peruano formado en 1969 en Lima. Sus miembros fueron: Gerardo Manuel (voz), Beto Tataje (guitarra), Juan Carlos Barreda (bajo), Freddy Macedo (órgano) y Carlos Manuel Barreda (batería). 

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Well, now I’m talking to my friends about the next saturday night; Where are we going to go? They we’ll picked up the band and will play all night long.

We will play the Cream’s songs, making the Jimi’s leedback, we will play slows from Doors. Remembering old songs from the Beatles too.

Well, come on, come on little baby. Don’t you stay in bed. I’m gonna take you to a party where nobody’s gonna stop to dance.